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Philosophy of Education

Bridge of Hope Girls’ School exists primarily for the purpose of providing Christian-oriented education and life-skill training for disadvantaged girls with the aim of empowering them to become of noble women of high moral character.



  • To provide Christian oriented for disadvantaged girls.


  • To isolate girls from their male counterparts so as to provide them with a conducive learning environment that will secure them from peer pressure.


  • To incorporate extra-academic curriculum for girls in trauma and to offer career guidance, forgiveness, building self-esteem, counseling, healing the past,  basic sex and health education backed with solid Christian principles.


  • To dispel the lies among young women that the only way to pay for food and education is by selling the only precious commodity they own--their bodies.


  • Support education that emphasizes wholesome body images, Christian family values, and sound biblical teaching along with academic classes.


  • Empower girls to become noble women of high moral character.


  • Provide girls with economic opportunities so they have the means to support themselves and their families.


Core values


We challenge each girl child enrolling at BOH to embrace the habits of lifelong learning, engage her with the past and the emerging future, and empower her to serve and shape her world.

  • Creating new identity for Liberian girls- We value honor and integrity as central to building character. Our individual and shared commitment to honor, embodied in the core values, creates a foundation of trust and respect essential to an ethical and moral life.


  • Transforming lives - We value relationships that connect us to each other and to the larger world. We aspire to be a nurturing community that respects the dignity of every human being.   We are a Christian community committed to an educational ministry based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We encourage each student to assume Christian leadership roles, modeling faith in action in her daily life, through the word of God, prayer, worship, and a respect for all stages of human life.


  • Empowering the next generation - We value intellectual, physical and spiritual wholeness. We inspire young women to discover their talents, pursue their passions, and achieve their personal best.  We recognize the uniqueness of each individual student entrusted to our care and believe in helping each student develop her God-given potential.


  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning -We value the transformational growth that takes place when teachers and students experience the joy of learning together. A collaborative academic culture nurtures intellectual courage, curiosity, and creativity.


  • Heritage - We cherish and celebrate our heritage as school birthed to uphold the dignity of girls and women in the face prejudicial assumptions against them, one that is rich in tradition of advocating for disadvantaged girls, values and opportunity for women. The best of our past forms the foundation for the best of our future.


  • Safe –space and growth- We believe that our single-sex environment provides unique opportunities for spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional growth, which enhance self-esteem.   We believe in developing in each student a commitment toward lifelong education, through a program of studies and activities, which develops, encourages, and challenges individual abilities.


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